WatchNET is a manufacturer of security products including XVI/CVI security cameras, IP security cameras and recorders, access control systems and video intercoms. WatchNET security products are high quality and competitively priced.

WatchNET is a leading supplier of quality video and surveillance equipment. Since 2000, WatchNET have been providing highly developed, competitively priced digital video solutions. With WatchNET’s dedication to quality and attentive customer service, WatchNET has excelled in developing cutting-edge products that take conventional security to a new level.

WatchNET is a global company with locations in Canada, the US, India, and UAE. With the ongoing expansion in the US and MiddleEsat, WatchNET now has more than 30,000 square feet of stocked and functional office facilities. Coupled with numerous partnerships across the globe, WatchNET has become a truly international solution provider.

Rare Distribution is the Authorized Distributor of WatchNet - MEA (Middle East & Africa Region)

Product Line

CCTV Solution

– Megapixel Cameras
– XVI Megapixel Cameras
– PTZ Cameras
– Specialty Cameras

Recording Systems

– AI Network Video Recorders
– NVR Network Video Recorders
– Penta-Brid AI Series Recorders

Access Control

– Network Controllers & Access Control KITs
– Access Control Power Supplies
– Standalone Elevator Network Controller
– Biometric Readers