Data Center Solutions

Data centers power the global economy. They house the systems, equipment, applications and data that make it possible to do business in the modern world.

What is a Data Center?
In the simplest of terms, a data center is any facility that houses centralized computer and telecommunications systems. It can be as small as a tiny server closet or a large standalone building with hundreds of thousands or even millions of square feet of space. Another option is a modular data center, a self-contained integrated unit often housed in a shipping container for portability and scalability.

Our Brand Partners

Conteg has extensive experience in working out systems and proposals from the basic data center layout across the concept of cooling through to monitoring and traffic control of the DC.

  • Design Support

Conteg offers the services of experienced professionals from all technical areas required for the construction of a modern data center.

  • Total Solutions for Data Centers

The proper layout and design of a data center will ensure reliable safe operation, low energy consumption and high availability of installed information system.

The Excel solution is perfectly suited to provide the infrastructure building blocks for any data centre requirement. Excel systems are completely scalable and when installed by an accredited Excel partner, come with a comprehensive 25 year warranty.

The Excel solution provides cable to rack systems to suit Data Centre, Hosting and Co-Location requirements of all types and sizes.

  • Copper Cabling
  • Traditional Fibre
  • Pre-terminated Solutions
  • MTP
  • Environ Racks
  • Environ Open Frames
  • Power Distribution Units

Legrand delivers comprehensive network infrastructure to meet the expanding requirements of today’s data centers, with a range of connectivity, physical infrastructure, cable management, power and cooling solutions. These systems support next generation technologies with flexibility for future growth and energy and installation efficiencies, united by superior design.

Legrand Data Center solutions offer has been structured around four major objectives which allow us to provide an optimum response to the specific issues and needs of data centers: efficiency, availability, scalability, and security.

  • Connectivity and Cabling
  • Cabinets & Racks
  • Pathways
  • Aisle Containment
  • Power Distribution Units